Kappa Spotlight: Mary Wineberg, Olympic Gold Medalist

Mary Wineberg earned her master’s degree in education from Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati and was nominated to Kappa in 2014. As a member of Team USA, she won a gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Mary is a teacher in the Cincinnati Public School District and a motivational speaker, author and media blogger.

“I am a native of Brooklyn, New York, and moved to Cincinnati at the age of four. I was in the seventh grade when I started to run track at Walnut Hills High School. I didn’t realize at that time that I had a talent and was encouraged by my best friend and coach to pursue running. I would race against some of the high schoolers at practice. I then got better each year while I was a student at Walnut Hills. 

“My experience as a member of Team USA was exhilarating. It was a dream come true and it allowed me to reach my potential. I had feared believing in myself at a young age going into high school and oftentimes dismissed accomplishments or goals so that others would not put pressure on me. I learned to overcome this obstacle and learned that I could become a history maker and an Olympic Gold Medalist. I enjoyed standing on the podium and seeing the American flag being raised as I was presented with my medal. The experience still gives me goosebumps and it has allowed me to become a motivational speaker and an inspiration to all. I am able to teach people to secure their gold in any walks of life that may be important to them. 

“I am not currently a volunteer coach, but I did volunteer for about five years prior to the Olympics and helped a couple of years after. It was a rewarding experience that allowed me to serve as a mentor for my alma mater and all the athletes that were on the different sports programs. They could see that Mary Wineberg accomplished her dream, so they too could shine in their sport. I enjoyed being a person who could give advice and show them how I accomplished my goals. 

“I was nominated to Kappa in 2014 and really enjoyed my time at the Mount studying for my master’s degree. I chose the Mount because it had the best program for early childhood education. It also worked with my schedule and I had a positive and rewarding experience. I am currently a teacher within Cincinnati Public Schools and enjoy teaching second grade. I love teaching and enjoy serving now as an inspiration to my students. 

“I challenge everyone to find their passion and push forward towards making their dreams into reality. Dream, Believe, Achieve.”

For more information about Mary or to purchase her book, Unwavering Perseverance, please visit www.marywineberg.com.

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