President’s Message, May 2019


Hello, Kappas!

Katie Pease photoThis May marks nine years since I graduated from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Nine years went quickly. Recently, I was reminiscing with some college friends about roommates and the adventures that shaped our first year at St. Kate’s. As I think back on that time, I am struck by just how little I knew about the world. At the age of 18, I had moved across the country and taken up residency in a completely new place and, at that time, I thought I knew it all. I am so blessed that my life path took me to St. Kate’s. The friendships I formed through my college experience, the wisdom I gained and the self-confidence I developed are invaluable treasures to me. So, I guess I did know something back then. I knew enough to pick a great school and now I am forever a part of that place and it a part of me.

I bring up these memories as we look forward to our 44th Kappa Gamma Pi National Convention in Portland, Oregon, to encourage you to recall memories of your alma mater and to rekindle a sense of commitment and connection. While we all have different stories about where we attended college, what degrees we received and when we were inducted into Kappa Gamma Pi, we all have the same uniting love for our educational homes. There is a pride and a sense of belonging that forever connects us to these places. I ask you to draw from that sense of belonging as you look to join us in Portland. Kappa Gamma Pi is another place where we all belong—an extension of our educational homes. We were all inducted into this National Catholic College Graduate Honor Society. We are all members forever connected in leadership, scholarship, faith and service. When we are connected to something, we invest our time and talents for the greater good of that enterprise. I ask that you do the same with Kappa. Give Kappa your time and talents, and reap the joys of community. There is a place for you at our upcoming Convention and we need you to come with your ideas, interests and passion to help guide the future of our organization.

How many days until Portland?

See you soon!

In Faith and Service,

Katie Pease

St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN, ’10

National President

[email protected]

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