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The purpose of this Society is to strive for a high standard of personal Christian excellence, service, and scholarship among members; to encourage individual and group initiative and participation in local and national church and secular affairs; and to awaken a spirit of Christian leadership among the undergraduates of Kappa affiliated colleges and universities. Kappa, Gamma and Pi are the initial letters of the Greek phrase that means “Catholic Women Leaders.” The original name has been retained because of its importance in the Society's history. However, both non-Catholics and men are welcomed to the membership of Kappa Gamma Pi each year. The motto of the Society is Faith and Service. Membership in Kappa Gamma Pi is a promise for the future, to continue in service to church and community. Members are chosen because they have already demonstrated this commitment, and are expected to continue in this leadership role after graduation.

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Today over 59,000 graduates of 143 Catholic institutions are Kappa Gamma Pi members. They live throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. Their successful lives and careers exemplify outstanding leadership and service in church, profession and community.

The Society provides opportunities for members to network at local chapter meetings and at the National Convention, held every two years.

Kappa Gamma Pi Honor Cords

To wear with academic cap and gown. 56″ long with 3½” soft tassels in an attractive mahogany brown and ivory twist, Kappa’s distinctive color combination. Graduates who have been nominated to membership in Kappa Gamma Pi may wear mahogany brown and ivory honor cords to signify this honor. Cords may be ordered by the individual or by the nominating college or university. If you are an affiliate from a nominating college or university, please log in to your Engage user account to place your order. You will receive a discounted rate for orders of 30 or more. You can also order honor cords by sending an email to [email protected]. (Nominees need to be added to the system prior to placing an order.)

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