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KGP Insignia KeyThe Key

The Kappa Gamma Pi key was adopted as the official insignia of the Society in 1929. The Greek letters on the diagonal front panel on the face of the key are the initials of the Greek words which mean "Catholic Women Leaders". These panels separate the symbols of faith (the cross, in the lower corner) and service (the wheel, in the upper corner). The wheel is a symbolic reference to St. Catherine of Alexandria, Society patroness.

KPG WheelThe Logo

The Kappa Gamma Pi logo is circular, surrounded by the words "National Catholic College Graduate Honor Society."

Volunteer Buttons

The motto of the Society is FAITH AND SERVICE. Members are active in their communities and their churches. Because most members do not live within the geographical boundaries of a Kappa Gamma Pi chapter, they are considered "members-at-large." Many of these members are very active in other community organizations and also volunteer as individuals. Kappa Gamma Pi "volunteer" buttons are available free from the National office, and can be worn or attached to a jacket or bag. These buttons help identify you as a Kappa Gamma Pi volunteer whether you are volunteering on your own or as part of a Kappa chapter.