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Suggestions for New Chapter Formation

Kappas make up one of the most interesting, challenging and enduring groups that you can experience. It is worth considerable effort to have that experience through an active, local chapter and to share it with other members. Your Regents and National Officers invite you to embark upon this worthwhile endeavor of forming a new chapter.

Please consider these suggestions for starting a new chapter of Kappa Gamma Pi in your area!

  • Obtain the spreadsheet for your area from the KGP National Office: This spreadsheet has a listing of members' names and addresses; it includes college and year of graduation and current dues status.
  • Contact a few selected Kappas to form a core group. Try for graduates from a variety of colleges and universities and of different graduation years. Notify any local affiliates (colleges or universities) of your chapter plans.
  • Ask members to come to an organizational meeting at your home or at a local affiliate’s campus.
  • Talk about Kappa as:
    a forum for intellectual discussion
    a network of professionals, full- or part-time, and active retirees
    a wellspring of moral support in light of the demands of modern living
    a font of leadership in moral and ethical areas
    a source of programs and activities of interest to all Kappas, including recent graduates
    a support group for people with similar values and high levels of commitment
  • Schedule a follow up meeting at another location (another member's home, a park, a restaurant...)
  • Ask other locals Kappas to get involved.
  • Get suggestions for a short program using Kappas: a speaker with career or volunteer experience, a book review, a panel on the current activities of members, or discussion of theme of previous National Conventions as point of departure, e.g., "The Challenge of Change," or "Cherishing Our Past, Embracing Our Future."
  • Decide on annual dues or other funding to cover chapter costs (mailings, etc.).
  • Nominate and elect officers: traditional officers or co-chairs or executive committee. Some chapters have specified that the original organizers are not eligible for the chapter presidency.
  • Set initial goals.
  • Sponsor an annual welcome to new members (both graduates of a nearby KGP affiliate and those who have moved into your area or went to college away from home).
  • Sponsor a volunteer project to provide career speakers as resources to a college in your area (either one that is currently affiliated or a possible new affiliate).
  • Hold a meeting to discuss a suitable book or play, perhaps of a spiritual nature. Don't avoid controversial topics; they often generate good attendance.
  • Follow through with plans for meetings even if the attendance is lower than expected. Remember that those who do attend will enjoy it and benefit from positive experiences.
  • Write enthusiastic reports in a chapter newsletter, mailing or press release about the meeting and those who attended. This will encourage more to attend the next time.
  • Publish a telephone number list for ride sharing. Plan ahead to carpool as members are less likely to cancel if they are going with someone.
  • Keep your Regent informed of progress via copies of correspondence and meeting minutes. Call upon the Regent for help as needed. Invite her/him to attend a meeting.
  • Obtain assistance and paperwork from the National Office, such as copies of the Bylaws of several chapters as well as the form requesting chapter approval to be filled out and signed.

Since Kappa is a not-for-profit organization, a permit can be secured for bulk mailing. Your National Organization has a budget for Chapter Organization. This covers the cost of an initial mailing including postage and a letter of invitation/information. Reasonable telephone expenses may be covered, but the National Office must authorize all proposed costs in advance.

Most successful chapters work in collaboration with a Kappa affiliate (or affiliates); however, it is possible to sustain chapter interest in areas where there is no affiliate. We encourage you in your worthwhile endeavors to form a new chapter or revitalize an inactive one.

You, other area Kappas, and Kappa Gamma Pi nationwide will benefit from your efforts!