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Annual Dues Increase

Delegates at the 2017 National Convention in Philadelphia voted to increase national dues to $50 to help close a budget shortfall. This is the first dues increase since 2004.

Lifetime Dues Payment Option

Over the past decade there have been numerous inquiries by Kappa members for the option to pay a lump sum amount for lifetime recognition as an active dues-paying member. Delegates at the 2017 National Convention in Philadelphia approved an option for Lifetime Dues Payment. Kappa Gamma Pi now offers members a lifetime dues payment option. Upon nomination, each Kappa becomes a lifetime member of our organization; this payment option provides a more convenient program for Kappas who move frequently or maintain various mailing addresses. The lifetime dues payment option also offers Kappas the opportunity of acquiring the prestige of honor and distinction when identifying themselves as a lifetime active dues paying member.

The cost of the lifetime dues payment option is $750 USD.

Membership dues

Your annual membership provides you with 365 days of access, regardless of the date the dues are paid.