Celebrating Our Volunteers

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Each nominee to Kappa Gamma Pi is recognized for having an outstanding record of service and leadership. Candidates further pledge (by acceptance of their nomination) their willingness to accept personal responsibility for future service and leadership. Kappas are, by, nature, volunteers. In recent decades the concept of volunteerism has changed drastically. As society in general has changed, volunteering itself has become more difficult. The opportunities for service are abundant; our available personal time is not!

However difficult it may be to find the time to spare, service to others is a cornerstone of humanity. Through acts of service to others we enrich our own lives. Most Kappas are actively involved in service to their churches, the handicapped, the elderly, the poor, and so on.

They may teach English as a second language, provide free professional services to members of their community who cannot afford them, serve in schools, hospices, soup kitchens, youth centers and libraries. In the process of helping others, Kappas help themselves. They meet new people, enjoy new experiences, and learn to appreciate the blessings that they have received. One Kappa may spend years in service to one or two groups or causes that are very important to that individual. Another may give short-term or one-time assistance on dozens of projects over a period of years.

Maybe you are the Kappa who gives one day a week to the same ongoing project. Maybe you are the Kappa who provides a few hours of specialized assistance in your area of expertise (once a week, once a month, not necessarily for the same group each time). You may be the Kappa who does both, making a regular commitment to one group but still finding time to be of service in other areas.

Chances are, you are not serving on a "Kappa" project! Most Kappas do not live within the boundaries of an active chapter. Many Kappas who do live near an active chapter are unable to participate in many chapter activities because of work schedule, health, or other difficulties. If this Kappa is you - you can still represent Kappa in the work that you do!

Wear your Kappa key or a Kappa volunteer button (available free from the National Office: kgp@kappagammapi.org). Carry a tote bag with the Kappa logo on it. Post our mission statement near your desk. Another volunteer may recognize the logo - because he or she is a Kappa too! Even if you don't meet another member, you will show that you are proud to be part of a larger organization, dedicated to Faith and Service. If you are lucky to live near an active chapter, please try to attend local functions. You'll meet other people like yourself - intelligent, committed, and fun to be with!